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Special One Minute Typing Test Software and lessons for good speed and accuracy are here. In the early period of learning typing, the learner should check their speed and accuracy from time to time. Typing test provides both services of typing practice besides the speed test program. If you are in the early period of larn typing skills, then the minute typing test will be very helpful. Following a one-minute typing test program will measure your speed, accuracy, and errors. Try it and improve your skills.

One Minute Typing Test Box

We hope this minute typing test tells you your speed accuracy and speed properly. If you are unsatisfied with the result, follow our guidelines to improve more.

How to take part in the One Minute typing Test?

Look at the below instruction if you were not getting the desired result on the minute Typing test because you may miss something tactically or physically set up that prevents speed and accuracy. Try to maintain the followings.
1. Always use a quality QWERT keyboard.
2. Use a standard PC or Notebook.
3. Use proper desk for PC/Laptop and Keyboard.
3. Arrange a good Sit for you and enough space for typing freely.
4. Before appearing on a one-minute typing test, practice well on the typing Practice Section. After getting good results on that section, try this exam section.

The specialty of the One Minute Tying Test

A tremendous one-minute typing test has been prepared for the learner. Here, the students will get the most common and short words to practice for this skill. More than 1200 words are included in this task, and these will appear randomly at the time of the test. As it is the first typing test, it has made easy level on easy and most used words which can be typed easily by looking once.

Attempts after 1 Min of typing

When students can type 10-15 words per minute, they can appear in two minutes typing test program because it made on upgrading a level. Some typical words are included, and the majority of words are selected with the above 6 letters. Words are included with the upper and lower cases, which is more difficult than this one-minute tying test.

FAQ related to the One Minute typing test

What is the good rate speed on the One Minute typing test?
If you are in an early period of learning typing skills, then 10-12 is enough. If you have completed the typing learning course, above 40 is the average.
How can I improve One Minute typing Speed?
Practice, Practice, and Practice can make a man perfect. More practice can make you more accurate on the one-minute typing test.
How can I Score 50 WPM?
It’s not hard, but you should practice at least one month regularly with the proper typing method. You get the proper guidance in Learn Typing Section.
Where Can I test my speed and accuracy for free?
Typing test top is a free website where you test your speed, accuracy, and errors without fees.

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