Typing Test for Five Minutes-Multiple Paragraphs on the Exam

Typing learners could not manually examine their speed because of difficulty with setup and measurement. If you are with this problem, this 5 minutes typing test tool will help you know your real speed, accuracy and speed in this period.

Start Five Minutes Typing Test

The following box is waiting for you. Just hit in the box, and some tests will appear. Start typing for five minutes to see your complete result on these skills. If you don’t get your desired result start this test again.

The specialty of 5 Min Typing Paragraph

There are huge words in this list and maintain upper-lowe case, number and some signs. Its means you can command on the keyboard. And it’s the overview of the content.

On the other side, it checks speed accuracy and error and also gets the ability to type characters per minute. This technical side would be very helpful in understanding this skill’s weaknesses and strong sides.

Who can take part in 5 Minute Typing Tool

This web tool has been created for those candidates who completed the typing learning course and want to examine their speed and accuracy. It is also applicable for some candidates who have practice typing for a long time in their workspace or studies.

What is the next task after 5 min typing?

Most learners aimed at a speed of about 40 to 50 words per minute. If you have tried this five minutes typing test just after completing the course, then about 25 words are not bad. But after trying to complete the course and practicing some paragraphs for a few days, I scored more than 35 words per minute with a 90-plus accuracy rate.

The above matrix is provided to you by looking at our offline institution. So, be careful to obtain the recommended result. After completing this test, you may try a 10 minutes typing test to understand speed and accuracy better.

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