Typing Test Online For Free

Typing Test is an exam to check the speed and accuracy of key inputs. It is one of the daily required skills in the workplace and education. Faster typists work more but spend timeless. To know the actual ability, you have to appear in the exam. So, we bring this free online typing test. You can measure the correctness and speed of key input through this tool.

Free Typing Tests

Let’s participate following typing test to look at your ability on the keyboard. We made some quality practice sets on different durations. As per your time and need, choose the perfect one.

One minute typing

One minute typing test is a simple and short durational task prepared to get results quickly. Just open the page and see your conditions on the keyboard.

Two minutes exam

The two-minute exam is more moderate than one minute. You can also try this task to check your speed and accuracy. Words per minute(wpm) and character per minute (CPM) will show by participating successfully.

Five Minutes Paragraph

A paragraph has been made for practice and test speed and accuracy in English typing. You can examine it online for free.

Online Typing Test Free

Top Typing Test Tool to Improve your Skills

Typing is an important skill for anyone looking to enter the online business world. With so much communication happening online, being able to type quickly and accurately is essential. Many different testing tools are available online, but these are the top three that can help you improve your skills.

Why need these skills in the present days?

As the world increasingly moves online, typing skills are becoming increasingly important. If you can type quickly and accurately, you’ll be able to take advantage of many different job opportunities. You’ll also save time by not having to hand-write everything, and you can earn more money by working more efficiently. Every office these days requires typing on a keyboard, so it’s essential to have those skills to get ahead.

What is the perfect exam duration?

You must appear in several typing tests if you are learning typing skills. The duration of the test will depend on your level of typing. It may be a one-minute typing exam, two-minute typing exam, or ten-minute typing exam.